• Think green economy
    29 June 2016

    Think green economy

    «The starting point of our adventure was a group of people with differing professional backgrounds, what they had in common was the fact that they have been involved in previous operations in the…

  • Flexibility from exports
    15 October 2015

    Flexibility from exports

    Heading for its 55th year in business in 2016, Lampia (Cornate d’Adda, Monza Brianza, Italy) has been a long-standing player in the world of plastic processing. The Italian company – which in 2005 embarked…

  • “Fashionable” plastic
    15 October 2015

    “Fashionable” plastic

    «In 1962, my father and my uncle founded a company that produced plastic articles and accessories for the hi-fi industry. Towards the late Eighties, the gradual decline in volumes was leading the company…

  • A good business fabric
    15 October 2015

    A good business fabric

    Detail of the automotive seat production line The origins of the company date back to 1985, when Federico and Claudio Bonomelli, together with a friend, founded a fibreglass goods manufacturing company, made to…

  • The true 3D revolution
    12 May 2015

    The true 3D revolution

    The market for plastic processing is changing, as are the market demands. The reasons for this are rapid technical developments, short product life cycles, increasing variant diversity and the desire for individual and…

  • Faster through simulation
    12 May 2015

    Faster through simulation

    Lightweight engineering with fiber-reinforced plastics (FRPs) imposes high demands on the development of new processes and parts: aside from the desired weight savings relative to solutions in steel or aluminium, it is important…

18 October 2016

Polyamides: not just metal replacement

Replacing traditional materials with plastic polymers has now become the norm in many sectors. Automotive, aerospace, industrial and domestic machinery – for almost thirty years, these sectors have been benefiting from the advantages…

18 October 2016

Lightweight construction processes

High-pressure resin transfer molding (HD-RTM) is an established process for the series production of fiber-reinforced parts, with many variants. It therefore covers a variety of possibilities for part design and material selection. In…

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