A complete system for polymer production


Maag’s complete system for polymer production consists an extrusion pump extrex® 90, an arched screen changer CSC 116-RS and the redesigned underwater pelletizing system Sphero S 100. Marked by its reliability, productivity and efficiency, every individual component is designed with the operator in mind to be compact, comfortable, and to provide easy accessibility.

The extrex 90 extrusion pump from Maag Pump Systems is shown feeding melt to the CSC 116-RS screen changer with arched cavities and from there the melt is fed to the Sphero S. The proven gear and bearing technology of the extrex series combines high efficiency with minimized energy consumption. Optimized flow channels, very good self-cleaning properties and a long service life are the hallmarks of the pump. The CSC 116-RS screen changer with arched cavities allows the screen surface area to be enlarged up to 4 times compared with conventional designs. The use of a CSC 116-RS enables operators to keep their production rates at a consistently high level while at the same time significantly reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

The newly-designed Underwater pelletizing system Sphero S incorporates a variety of feature upgrades, making it ideally suited for masterbatch and recycling applications with throughputs between 700 and 3,000 kg/h. New pneumatic diverter valves, for example, optimize the flow channel and ease the cleaning of the cutting chamber, while improved access makes cleaning easier and knife changing faster.

Other improvements include a new frame that allows the Sphero S to be mounted on a single mobile structure guarantees a perfect alignment, and a reduced footprint. The water bypass design has also been fine-tuned to accelerate start-up. Special attention has also been given to the design of the cutter head, again to facilitate start-up, and to ensure less agglomeration and production of evenly shaped pellets.


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