Accurate, stable and easy-to-use

Bumper system equipped with the new FLEXflow electrical cylinder

An innovative electrical cylinder to bring a lot of advantages for finished parts and the whole injection molding process

HRSflow launches on the market the new FLEXflow, an electrically driven system to adjust accurately valve pins in large surface applications such as bumpers, instrument panels, door panels, and in general any big part that requires sequential cascade moulding as well as quality optical parts whatever the size. It guarantees a completely independent management of each pin during the opening and closing stages by precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, acceleration, velocity, and stroke. The result is an optimal control of both the filling and packing time with a direct benefit on the part warpage too. The new electrical cylinder meets the requirements for high aesthetic quality, removing major defects such as flow marks, weld lines and flash on injection points.

The FLEXflow electrical cylinder

Better than conventional cylinders

Multicavity moulds, where the dimensions of parts are significantly different in shot weight, call for the benefits provided by the new FLEXflow cylinder. It represents the ideal solution for the fine tuning of weld line position and when a complex filling pattern balance is required, even involving GF material where structural problems could arise. Moreover it meets the requirements of moulding applications within a narrow process window and engineered material. The total absence of oil makes it suitable for clean rooms.

The new electrical cylinder has several benefits compared to conventional air/oil cylinder. It can bring a lot of advantages for your finished parts and the whole injection moulding process:

• class “A” aesthetic part quality;

• improved part-to-part consistency thanks to stable process repeatability;

• optimized balancing, reducing over-packing and clamping force;

• hydraulic connections are eliminated (no more oil leakage);

• maximum flexibility in multicavity/family tool design;

• reduced energy consumption;

• accurate process control;

• easy to use and easy maintenance.

The new HRSflow electrical cylinder is available for M, G and A series (7 mm pin diameter) and it can work up to a maximum pressure of 2,000 bar.

The nozzle is placed on the side of the nozzle axis, reducing the height over the hot runner system package. The electrical cylinder can be easily fitted and replaced with a hydraulic cylinder considering FLEXflow has same size of a hydraulic cylinder with side layout. Moreover it has three different possible positions allowing the customer full freedom in mould design.

Optimal adjustment of pin speed and stroke profile to remove the pressure jump

The control unit

The total control of the pin provides processors with the ability to adjust the filling pressure to reduce the pressure jump phenomenon. it is possible to eliminate the pressure jump by controlling the opening pin speed profile. This reduces the risk of flow marks on the part.

The new FLEXflow is adjusted, controlled and monitored by the FLEXflow advanced controller that can set the valve pin position within an accuracy up to 0.01 mm. The control unit is available in the 8, 12 and 16 zone configuration. The full monitoring of the process makes it possible to adjust all parameters, resulting in optimal gate quality and part filling with the consequent elimination of flow marks and weld lines according to the desired result.

The engineering expertise and the highly cost-effective solutions have allowed HRSFlow to develop, in collaboration with customers, challenging automotive applications. Some of these will be presented at K 2013. In particular, two HRSflow hot runner systems will be mounted on George Kaufmann/GK moulds and running alive on an Arburg injection moulding machine and on an Engel one.



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