Maflex: quality leap for small companies

The case history of a SME that has invested in a modern machine fleet and a system for company digitalization specifically developed and tested in the field Maflex was established in the 1980s,…

Our approach to Industry 4.0

by Emiliano Raccagni  Photos by Stefano Troilo «The basis of our journey has been our awareness that only careful management of all costs can make a company truly competitive, and that technology is…

First the ideas, then the market

Michela Conterno, President of the Board of Directors at Lati, talks about her experience in high performance compound field

«We closed 2013 with some excellent results: we increased our turnover by about 12% with overall growth in sales and profits. This trend has continued into 2014, a fact that gives us reason…

700 model

Changing screen size

The latest addition to Fimic’s production programme is a continuous automatic self-cleaning screen changer that enlarges the existing range of machines, already including models from 325 to 600 millimeters

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