Italian mould market

A study in white, red, and green

Recent events and estimates have highlighted that, despite the most alarmist rumours about the persistence and the inevitability of the crisis, the Italian mould industry is kept in good health and is essentially…

Lino Pastore

Rise of the Made in Italy

The global financial crisis has led to a strong selection of the players operating in the Italian moulding industry, which however has not lived a decrease of its innovation capability and instead goes…

Manufacturing: the road home

The trend of either a return to, or nearing to, the countries of origin of operations originally relocated in low-cost areas is growing. The cases are multiplying world-wide and also involves Italy

The trend of either returning to, or nearing, the countries of origin of those operations that originally relocated to low-cost region is now growing. The cases are multiplying worldwide and are also involving…

Ucisap meeting

Italian mould-makers learn to grow

Despite dealing with an often hostile business environment, mould manufacturers still display encouraging numbers and manage to compete in the global arena thanks to their quality and skills, as industry association Ucisap said

Representing a significant part of the overall plastic and steel moulds segment in Italy, industry association Ucisap has recently staged its traditional bi-annual meeting in Pozzolengo, Brescia (Italy), in front of a numerous…

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