“Fashionable” plastic

Alfredo Ramponi has managed to transform his passion for precious stones into a business. Today, injection moulding synthetic crystals for haute couture

«In 1962, my father and my uncle founded a company that produced plastic articles and accessories for the hi-fi industry. Towards the late Eighties, the gradual decline in volumes was leading the company…


The perfect synthesis

Technology, labour with continuously increasing trend. The case history of an Italian company that was be able to get ahead in the niche market of metal injection moulding

From the match between the injection moulding of thermoplastic polymers and the sintering of metal powders comes out the MIM (metal injection moulding) technology, a process that optimizes the development of particularly complex…

G. Candiani

A fashion contest

Glass or plastic? What is the best choice in beauty packaging? Here is the view of Carlo Candiani, head of an Italian family-run company that has been producing articles for the beauty industry for thirty years

Plastic costs more than glass, but it is just as malleable and has superior quality features. According to Carlo Candiani, president of the G. Candiani, an Italian company, «Plastic gives us caps, jars…

Growing step by step

Invest during market downturns. This is the philosophy of the Italian company GT Line, which competes on an equal footing with the international leaders of the professional cases sector

Obtaining good results in a market dominated by a few large competitors is possible provided that the growth of production capacity and corporate structure is achieved step by step in a constant process….


Winning strategy

A well-known Italian group has installed two clean rooms and invested in a micromolding press. Mission: business expansion and diversification. This is the strategy that has made investment sustainable Traditionally known for the…

16 pins inserted per cycle

A completely automated process for overmoulding 72,000 pieces a day

Mission automation

High quality and efficiency, achieved by stepping up the pace through automation. This is the mission of an Italian company specialized in the production of complex components for the automotive sector

30th Olympics

Italian cutler on the table

From clothes pegs to bio-plastic cutlery. A long path? We talk with Antonio Munarini, the father of Ecozema brand

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