Innovative feeding technology for compounding processes

At their booth (A6-6406) at Fakuma exhibition Coperion and Coperion K-Tron present first-class plastics processing solutions – especially solutions for the efficient feeding of bulk material into the compounding process. On display is…

Automatic and continuous screen changer for heavy materials

Cofit International presents an innovative model for recycling highly contaminated plastics: Gorillabelt T, a patent pending automatic and continuous screen changer for recycled materials with a high filtration level, up to 50 micron….

Film trimming: the importance of details

Operations that might appear simple, such as cutting and trimming plastic film, actually require accurate planning and the same level of attention that is reserved to other areas of a production plant if…

New packaging lines for SABIC in Pontirolo, Italy

SABIC has decided to install six Coperion packaging lines and a common palletizing island at their plant in Pontirolo (near Bergamo, Italy). SABIC Italy is the market leader for small lots of plastic…

A complete system for polymer production

Maag’s complete system for polymer production consists an extrusion pump extrex® 90, an arched screen changer CSC 116-RS and the redesigned underwater pelletizing system Sphero S 100. Marked by its reliability, productivity and…

Innovative start-ups

The factory follows the site

Producing plastic pipes where they are needed. The Walking Pipe project was developed by the Italian company Supertech Industrie Plastic pipes are light, but they take up a lot of room: transporting them…

700 model

Changing screen size

The latest addition to Fimic’s production programme is a continuous automatic self-cleaning screen changer that enlarges the existing range of machines, already including models from 325 to 600 millimeters

R-PET processing technology

The main advantage of the Multi Rotation System (MRS) extruder from Gneuss is that it permits the processing of PET without pre-drying but by using a simple water ring vacuum system to process the PET…

A line for the Russian market

A new plant requested an accurate study and different experimental tests on the screw geometry and on the extruder thermoregulation design by Antonio Sarti

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