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LAM: Made in Italy excellence in plastic components production

LAM SpA (Spilamberto, near Modena) is the leader Italian company in R&D, sales and marketing of roof hatches, roller blinds, and plastic components made with injection, inject-compression and thermoforming technologies. Thanks to the…

A constant innovation in mould making

Giurgola Stampi

Giurgola Stampi (Capriano di Briosco, near Milano, Italy) has introduced a series of news aimed at improving both its production processes and its portfolio of customer-oriented services. The Company – a specialist in…


New challenges, new solutions

Based in Azeglio (near Turin, Italy) Progind has been recently tackling new challenges in the sector of large size sheet metal moulds construction: the solution it developed was designed and implemented for the…


Big numbers with zero impact

Efficient and optimised processes in line with a lean logic, an attentive eye to energy, and resource consumption. This is the production approach taken by a group based in Friuli, which is focused on sustainability, including through the use of recycled plastic

Italian companies are beating the crisis, and they are beating it with great determination on foreign markets, focusing on quality and innovative technology. An undertaking that is not a done deal, according to…


Think green economy

A recently established company from the South of Italy has started a green and self-sustainable production cycle. According to the sole director Vincenzo Moramarco, the best has still to come

«The starting point of our adventure was a group of people with differing professional backgrounds, what they had in common was the fact that they have been involved in previous operations in the…

Camas: vocation problem solving

Assembly and control. This is a solution to improve the production cycle

Specialisation and diversification are not two antithetical visions, but the same side of a coin for businesses interesting in taking an innovative and competitive approach to the market. This assumption is at the…


Focus on added value

Production is not enough. Specialization is needed for growth. This is the strategy of a Turin based company, that is increasingly concentrating on added value processes in order to avoid the risk of relocation

Those who have a car with quality interior finishing, in which even humble parts such as the air conditioning control guard or the electric window buttons, are considered in even the finest detail,…


“Fashionable” plastic

Alfredo Ramponi has managed to transform his passion for precious stones into a business. Today, injection moulding synthetic crystals for haute couture

«In 1962, my father and my uncle founded a company that produced plastic articles and accessories for the hi-fi industry. Towards the late Eighties, the gradual decline in volumes was leading the company…

Mako Shark

A good business fabric

Craft skill and an innovative philosophy go together in an Italian company which for the past 30 years has been producing objects made with compound materials. For the automotive, and aerospace industries to, name just two

Detail of the automotive seat production line The origins of the company date back to 1985, when Federico and Claudio Bonomelli, together with a friend, founded a fibreglass goods manufacturing company, made to…


The perfect synthesis

Technology, labour with continuously increasing trend. The case history of an Italian company that was be able to get ahead in the niche market of metal injection moulding

From the match between the injection moulding of thermoplastic polymers and the sintering of metal powders comes out the MIM (metal injection moulding) technology, a process that optimizes the development of particularly complex…

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