Some say NO!

National governments and the European Union are issuing increasingly restrictive regulations to reduce the proliferation of plastic waste and to promote recycling. Restrictions on microplastics, and single-use and oxo degradable items are coming…

Italy: the super-recycler

From North to South excellence in the field of plastic packaging recovery and recyclin

Amongst the numerous little known leading positions held by Italy, there is the country’s leadership in plastics recycling technology, both in terms of equipment suppliers, and in the delicate stages of sorting and…

Manufacturing: the road home

The trend of either a return to, or nearing to, the countries of origin of operations originally relocated in low-cost areas is growing. The cases are multiplying world-wide and also involves Italy

The trend of either returning to, or nearing, the countries of origin of those operations that originally relocated to low-cost region is now growing. The cases are multiplying worldwide and are also involving…

Mini-bonds: a solution to the credit crunch

The Italian Government has introduced legislation to facilitate the issue of debt instruments for non-listed companies: the mini-bond. An opportunity to invest in companies with growth potential and concrete projects, that is already proving a success in the plastics and rubber industry

There are many well-run small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy able to create added value and jobs even in these times of recession, that are struggling to raise sufficient funds to initiate projects…

BMW i3: carbon fiber body

All the secrets of the new BMW i3, the first electric car designed for mass production

Plastic bags

Italy imposes a ban

Only the European Commission can now block Italy’s ban on non-biodegradable, compostable bags. The verdict is expected in mid-June

Shale gas

The new black gold

Shale gas fields are paving the way for low-cost production of polyolefins. This is an opportunity that the United States is keen to seize, but that sees the European authorities rather more hesitant,…

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