Surface treatment

Cold plasma improves bonding

Polyethylene and polypropylene adhesion properties are extremely poor, but they can be improved using cold plasma, as revealed by an experimental study Plasma is a chemically active medium which, according to its activation…


Innovation speaks Italian

A research group from the University of Milan has developed a process for producing high-performance PLA. It is a technology that promises to open up new possibilities for the use of this biopolymer

Non-toxic flame retardants

Electronics, vehicles, textiles – almost all modern-day products contain some form of plastic. Its high combustibility means it must be protected from naked flames. New techniques simplify the production of environmentally friendly flame…

Reactive textiles

A matter of nanoparticles

Brethability, waterproof, selective permeability, antibacterial and antiodor activities, and the ability to oxidize volatile organic compounds. Here are just a few properties that became attractive nanostructured membranes

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