Maximum efficiency for injection machinery

The Hpo system
The Hpo system permits injection machine consumption optimization by varying the number of motor revs

Reco Tech is currently committed to expanding its operation in order to extend its product range for its Italian and European clients, and has decided to make major investments in energy saving. One of the results has been the development of Hpo, a system that optimizes the consumption rates of injection presses by varying the number of motor revs. The fixed displacement pump after the application of the Hpo operates as a variable displacement pump, that varies the quantity of oil required by the system without any waste. The energy saving is considerable and does not stop at the injection machine. Energy savings can also be made on the chiller, combined with the machine oil cooling system, thanks to reduced heat dissipation.

But the most innovative feature of Hpo is the control card which, directly inserted on the bus of the injection machine, makes it possible to constantly monitor the hydraulic arrangement of all the directional and proportional valves that control the machine’s motions. The system makes use of a 3G microprocessor that using an algorithm, is capable of calculating the speed set and limit torque at which the inverter can be operated. It is quick and easy to install as it makes use of the existing motor wiring. The control board which is the true technological heart of the system, communicates with the inverter itself using a basic serial connection system. The added plus point of the Hpo is that it is a plug & play system, and does not require any external machine settings, or parameter adjustments, and above all does not change the machine’s performance levels.

The experience acquired by Reco Tech through the application of Hpo through the years means that it can guarantee energy savings of 40 percent, with a machine cycle of 15 seconds, reaching 70 percent with machine cycle that just exceeds a minute. It is also important to mention that in most applicative cases, the initial investment is amortized in just one year.


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