New EPDM grades for automotive applications

At Plast 2018, the Rubber division of Lehvoss Italia presents premium sponge grades of Kumho Polychem’s EPDM featuring improved compression set, durability and door closing properties

This market under continuous development needs some new improvements, such as a better compression set, to improve wind noise problem while driving and, at the same time, better durability and air leakage in the weather strip sponge, as well as the improvement of door closing properties between the rubber part and the metal frame; the new grades of Kumho Polychem’s EPDM developed by Lehvoss can fulfill all these expectations.
At the same time Lehvoss Italia will continue to promote on the market the full portfolio of materials including synthetic rubber, silica, chemicals.

Luvocom® 3F for extrusion-based 3D printing processes offers excellent processing characteristics and component properties


The new Luvocom® CXR product line supplies thermoplastic compounds based on polyamide that can be cross-linked by irradiation.
Products from this line are characterized by an elevated temperature resistance and continuous service temperature.
Combining them with reinforcing materials and additives makes it possible to produce high-strength and tribologically enhanced compounds.
This leads to higher material strengths under the influence of heat together with a longer lifespan of components.


Based on the high-temperature resistant polymer PEKK, Luvocom® 1114 offers new materials with exceptional tribological and thermal properties. In comparison to other high-temperature polymers, the wear and friction characteristics of compounds from this line exhibit a low and particularly uniform curve up to 165°C. Luvocom 1114 also has an elevated heat deflection temperature.


In Luvocom® 3F, the Lehvoss Group is presenting a new product line for 3D printing. The materials are optimized for use in extrusion-based 3D printing processes – including fused filament fabrication. Support for the development of materials and customer components comes from the company’s own pilot plant for 3D printing.


Weight reduction as a means of conserving our resources is a fundamental constituent in the contemporary design and dimensioning of technical components in many industries, and particularly so in the automotive and aviation sectors. Polyamides with reinforcing materials such as glass fibres, carbon fibres and minerals are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry above all. Using the Luvobatch® PA BA 1001/1002 blowing agent system, it is now possible to reduce the weight of these materials by up to 30% and simultaneously maintain the loss of mechanical properties at a low level. As an example, foamed components produced with this system exhibited a performance factor for bending stress in the range from 1 to 1.3. Consequently, the change in flexural strength is smaller than the reduction in weight. In addition to reducing weight, this endothermic blowing agent system specially adapted to polyamides enables sink marks and contraction cavities to be avoided. Delamination in components subject to high mechanical stress, which may arise during the addition of masterbatch based on polyethylene or universal carriers, is reduced or prevented by the use of a special polyamide as the carrier system in Luvobatch PA BA 1001/1002. The system can be used in all common processing techniques.

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