Robots for the smart factory

Star Automation Europe presents at Plast 2018 the new ZXW-VI robots series. In the Company’s booth are shown also the solutions for industry digitalisation

As often did in the past, Star Automation Europe chooses Plast exhibition to launch several novelties. In particular, this edition, the Company presents in its booth (Hall 24, Stand C/D 81/82) the new ZXW-VI robots series. The two ZXW-1000VI and ZXW-1600VI models receive the baton of Fx series, introducing numerous enhancements, aiming above all to operation speed. Being loyal to its 2018 motto, “Speed & Precision”, Star succeeded in boosting the already high level of performance of Fx series, with a speed increase higher than 10 per cent for both the machines, when compared to their predecessors. Strengthened guides, modified belts and stronger motors combine in order to create unrivalled machines, though maintaining a special attention to design, which more and more users are recently becoming attentive about. By aligning the new models’ design to that of XW-VI series, Star promises that the new models are going to be as much appreciated as those of its most beloved series. Design is obviously not the only thing associating XW-VI and ZXW-VI series: the new high-speed robots are a standard supplied with STEC-520 controller, which possesses extraordinary potentiality regarding Industry 4.0, such as remote monitoring, production control, and integration inside the IMM display.

Eins offers a wide range of components for the realisation of EOATs not only for Star’s cartesian robots, but for any kind of robots, be they cartesian or six-axes

Robots for every need

Alongside its new models, Star is also exhibiting two models from its XW-VI series, which has now been well-known by its customers for almost three years. The two machines will be a XW-1000VI, the best-selling model in the whole product range, and a XW-1800MVI, the giant of this series, for the first time shown in an international exhibition and particularly suited for big size moulded products in the automotive and electrical appliances sectors.

Beyond Star’s booth

A XW-1000VI model will also be present in the front booth, number D72, where EPF Automation will be exhibiting for Toshiba Machine. The robot will be installed on a EC230SXII model injection molding machine and will extract a polystyrene tray from the one-cavity CS Plastic Molding mold. The featured IML automation will take the label from the magazine, load it in the fixed platen of the mold and extract then the molded product from the movable platen. The trays will be then released on a Montratec shuttle. Come visit EPF’s booth to check the two Japanese makers’ integration and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Industry 4.0 made by Star Automation

Visitors of recent exhibitions have surely noticed the attention Star is paying in order to offer to its users a product which is absolutely respondent to most modern standards of industry digitalisation, and Plast is the perfect occasion to move a further step towards the targets which our most demanding users intend to reach as far as technology is concerned.
Smart Production is embodied in a new software: SF-NET, regarding which demonstrations will be held at Star’s booth. This system allows to view all the information related to production which are contained inside the robot’s controller, thanks to their upload to a server connected to the company network. Viewable production-related information kinds are for example production ratio, robot status, or alarm history. When this kind of information gets refreshed inside the controller, or after a timer defined by the user, data get written in dedicated CSV files. Successively, these CSV files are loaded through FTP to the directory selected in the server. The viewing of this information is possible on a dedicated web page, thus making the correct functioning of the software independent from the operative system or the browser the user chooses to use.
A further innovation is introduced also regarding the so-called Smart Service: from the beginning of the current year, in fact, all interventions of Star technical service staff by customers, be they installations or maintenance activities, as well as intervention reports, are organised through a new application: Gol. This allows Star Service to digitally organise all information, and also allows the customer to log in on a personal web page, where they will be able to not only check service history, but also to directly ask for help or to be autonomously guided towards the individuation of the cause of the problem and its solution.

Eins celebrations continue

Starting from the end of 2017, Star has been celebrating the tenth anniversary of Eins, its components for the realisation of EOATs not only for Star’s cartesian robots, but for any kind of robots, be they cartesian or six-axes. During these ten years, Eins brought many achievements to the group, but starting from now, they will experience a brand-new spotlight. The appointment of mister Ishibashi, the very creator of Eins products, as Star Automation Europe’s new managing director in January 2017, meant a renewed wish to bring Eins components to every Star robot user, and beyond. The four robots shown in the booth will perform automatic EOAT quick changes thanks to OX series tool changer system, officially a patent of Star Group. It will also be possible to view in detail and to touch all models of OX series in our Eins area, thus verifying the incredible lightness which characterises them, and therefore represents no obstacle to the maximum load on the robot’s vertical arm. Thanks to the cooperation with Japanese group Vessel, several nippers and mini-nippers for EOAT will also be shown inside Eins area: one more card Star can play in order to provide its customers with products that answer to every need.
Given the impossibility to show at the same time the hundreds of products of Eins catalogue, Star will publicly announce at Plast the renewal of website, after its first version was published during 2009 edition. This website is a completely renewed E-Commerce, where it is possible to purchase Eins products directly from one’s office with the ease of an online payment, a novelty Star’s Eins Department is introducing in order to make purchasing simple and fast for its customers in all Europe, Africa and Middle East, the area of its competence. The respondence of the latest regulations regarding privacy and online payment safety gives the user the possibility to analyse to their pace every product models, confront their characteristics, and add to the cart needed products in complete autonomy.

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