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The lightweight revolution

The automotive sector is honing its sights on lightweight vehicles. The trend is conditioning producers of materials and technology in the field of plastics

Rethinking materials

Why not on a Bicycle?

Two weeks before the K 2013, BASF prepares visitors to the plastics industry exhibition for even more exciting new ideas. In addition to a remarkable plastic bicycle with more than 20 plastic applications,…

Sabo enters into a license agreement with BASF

Sabo announces today that it has entered into an agreement with BASF for a license of the Chimassorb® 2020 technology. Chimassorb 2020, a highly successful innovation of BASF, combines exceptionally high UV and…

The Dolphin process

Soft-touch and lightweight

The interior is one of the key differentiating features of modern cars. Besides the design, special attention is also paid to the quality of the surfaces. The Dolphin process is set to join…

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