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Injection moulding: from 3D to smart manufacturing

The very latest trends and advancements in injection moulding at the Fakuma fair

Technological innovation in the moulding sector, just like in nature, does not leap forward in bounds. It is, instead, a gradual evolutionary path that can branch and move in different directions, but in…

Thick-walled parts

Make more efficient the production

A new development in multilayer injection molding allows productivity for the production of thick-walled lenses to be increased even further The markets for plastic optical parts differ significantly from region to region. While…

Cycle time and productivity: considerations on the layer structure

Injection molding is demonstrating its versatility again in the production of challenging optical plastic parts such as LED lenses for automotive headlights with tolerances in the micron range. A new development in multilayer injection molding allows…


The lightweight revolution

The automotive sector is honing its sights on lightweight vehicles. The trend is conditioning producers of materials and technology in the field of plastics

The Dolphin process

Soft-touch and lightweight

The interior is one of the key differentiating features of modern cars. Besides the design, special attention is also paid to the quality of the surfaces. The Dolphin process is set to join…

New managing director at the Engel Group

Engel has appointed Stefan Engleder as head of technology and production at Engel Holding. He worked in technical roles in Germany and Canada before joining Engel in 2008, initially with the task of…

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