TPE compounds for premium lifestyle products

There is a growing demand for TPE materials with higher performance properties in application and processing especially in the consumer electronics and premium lifestyle products sectors. Kraiburg TPE introduces a new range of high-tech Thermolast® K materials of the VS/AD/HM (VS = Velvet Surface, AD = Adhesion, HM = High Mechanicals) series developed to meet this trend.
These innovative TPE compounds address particular market and customer challenges, including highly efficient injection molding properties, such as excellent flow for high injection rates and short cycle times. In addition, they demonstrate superior adhesion to polar thermoplastics in two-component applications not only with PC, ABS, PC/ABS blends, PU, ASA and SAN, but also with PA12 and PA6. The new VS/AD/HM compounds feature high scratch and abrasion resistance as well as durable compatibility with chemicals typically tested in the consumer electronics industry, including human skin lipids (sebum), cream and common household cleaners. They have also proven good skin compatibility in irritation tests in relation to ISO 10993-10.
The first products of this advanced TPE technology combine a Shore A hardness in the range of 61 to 72 with a tensile strength up to 15 MPa and a tear strength up to 30 N/mm. They provide very high elongation at break (600%) and peel strength, also giving them the perfect fit for very thin elastomer overmoldings. Together with ease of coloring and excellent color stability, these properties open virtually unlimited design possibilities for a wide range of different premium applications.
Typical applications for the new compounds include game console controllers, remote controls and headphones, protective sleeves for mobile phones and tablets and toys. The VS/AD/HM series delivers exceptionally satin-smooth and velvety surfaces, making them an ideal choice for premium cosmetic packaging applications. With good UV-stability and values below 900 ppm in chlorine/bromine testing, these high-performance TPE also meet essential requirements for automotive interior parts, such as control wheels, handles, buttons and switches.


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