An increase in orders for Germany

Photo Arburg

German plastic and rubber processing machinery and system manufacturers are once again reasonably confident about an upswing in orders following the 14% growth rate recorded in the second quarter of this year. “Although overall the first half year saw a decline of 6% in orders, we are pleased to announced that in the last three months orders have once again increased following a negative year” announced Ulrich Reifenhäuser, president of the manufacturers association that operates from within the VDMA.

In the first half year sales stayed steady at the same levels as 2012, thanks to an increase of 6% recorded between April and June. The level of exports in the first five months also remained the same as those of the previous year, despite an initial negative result: overseas sales recorded an increase of 9.7% between March and May, reversing the negative trend recorded at the beginning of the year.

However the VDMA has confirmed sales forecasts for the whole of 2013, which are expected to close slightly down (-1%) at 6.5 billion euros, with an estimated growth of 6% in 2014.