Automatic and continuous screen changer for heavy materials

Gorillabelt T by Cofit International is an automatic and continuous screen changer for recycled materials with a high filtration level

Cofit International presents an innovative model for recycling highly contaminated plastics: Gorillabelt T, a patent pending automatic and continuous screen changer for recycled materials with a high filtration level, up to 50 micron. It was designed and engineered with the aim of guaranteeing a series of important advantages for enhancing the performance of the production line as follows:

• production of excellent quality materials with zero or extremely low levels of impurities;
• use of smart raw materials, e.g. highly-contaminated post-consumer plastic, up to 10% of contamination level;
• extrusion of most thermoplastics, including PET;
• increase of output rates and automation level, easily programmable and user friendly controls;
• zero polymer loss during the cleaning cycle;
• reduction of: personnel costs involved in manual operation, maintenance interventions, energy consumption, personnel involved, system shutdowns;
• 24/7 uninterrupted production, with no interruptions or downtimes.

Cofit Gorillabelt T operates at high process parameters: temperature up to 300 °C, pressure up to 300 bar, output rates up to 3.000 kg/h. It’s specifically suitable for filtering up to highly-contaminated thermoplastics, e.g. agricultural or building films or post-consumer materials, and it can easily manage any kind of pollution: metal, wood, paper, textile fibers, unmolten plastic, aluminum, sand, and more.

The production executive can rely upon permanent remote assistance service via Gorillabelt T screen changer LAN connection, provided an existing Internet access. Through a special Remote Assistance module, any process failure can be easily assessed and fixed, as well as control software quickly updated. Besides minimizing downtimes, the Remote Assistance ensures utmost production efficiency and optimized intervention times.

Gorillabelt T is the first step towards Industry 4.0 – ready extrusion project. The screen changer has been designed in compliance with the most advanced automation trends and data exchange procedures in manufacturing technologies. According to Industry 4.0 model, Gorillabelt T screen changer will communicate and cooperate in your smart factory with your extrusion systems components.