Bio-based and post-consumer solutions for a “green” alternative

Established in 1982, Daire Chemicals (Pianezza, Turin, Italy) has always pursued the mission to launch innovative polymers, with the goal of meeting every technical and marketing needs by identifying the polymer with the best performance. This has been made possible by an in-house team working on product development, while painstaking after-sale support has allowed the company to constantly assist its customers in the fine-tuning of the manufacturing process for the chosen material. Daire Chemicals, whose main suppliers are international chemical companies, operates across different production sectors such as the automotive, electric and electronic, chemical, food, medical, and sports and leisure industries. The company is present in both the Italian and the main EU and non-EU foreign markets. Focussing on the latest and growing requirements in terms of environmental protection and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, Daire Chemicals offers a product portfolio including not only biodegradable and compostable polymers from renewable resources, but also post-consumer polymers produced by Trinseo, Arkema and RTP. Trinseo’s range of thermoplastic rubbers is very wide, and comprises bio-materials based on TPE, TPO and TPV, marketed under the brand names Megol™ Bio, Apigo™ Bio and Apilon™ Bio respectively. Trinseo also offers the Apinat™ biodegradable thermoplastic rubber, at least 90% degradable as required by the UNI EN 14046:2003 and ISO 14855:1999 standards. Arkema’s offering includes castor oil-based polyamides 11 (Rilsan®), as well as some transparent (Rilsan® Clear) and TPA-based (Pebax Rnew) compounds. Finally, RTP produces compounds from renewable resources, using PLA both as an additive to improve the performance under impact of polymers such as polyamides or polycarbonates, and as a polymer matrix which, reinforced for example with glass fibres, becomes a green alternative to products like glass fibre-reinforced PBT and PP. RTP also delivers compounds from recycled and post-consumer materials based on PA6, PA66, PET and PC.