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A constant innovation in mould making

Giurgola Stampi

New challenges, new solutions


Big numbers with zero impact

Efficient and optimised processes in line with a lean logic, an attentive eye to energy, and resource consumption. This is the production approach taken by a group based in Friuli, which is focused on sustainability, including through the use of recycled plastic

Think green economy

A recently established company from the South of Italy has started a green and self-sustainable production cycle. According to the sole director Vincenzo Moramarco, the best has still to come

Camas: vocation problem solving

Assembly and control. This is a solution to improve the production cycle

Focus on added value

Production is not enough. Specialization is needed for growth. This is the strategy of a Turin based company, that is increasingly concentrating on added value processes in order to avoid the risk of relocation

“Fashionable” plastic

Alfredo Ramponi has managed to transform his passion for precious stones into a business. Today, injection moulding synthetic crystals for haute couture
Mako Shark

A good business fabric

Craft skill and an innovative philosophy go together in an Italian company which for the past 30 years has been producing objects made with compound materials. For the automotive, and aerospace industries to, name just two

The perfect synthesis

Technology, labour with continuously increasing trend. The case history of an Italian company that was be able to get ahead in the niche market of metal injection moulding
G. Candiani

A fashion contest

Glass or plastic? What is the best choice in beauty packaging? Here is the view of Carlo Candiani, head of an Italian family-run company that has been producing articles for the beauty industry for thirty years