Compact design, high speed, easy operation and cleanness

The MacroPower series by Wittmann Battenfeld has now been extended upwards by adding size 6, the MacroPower 1500. So the series is now available in the full range of clamping forces from 400 to 1,600 t. On the machine showcased at the K – a MacroPower 1500/8800 with ServoPower technology – a ground shaft will be manufactured from PP supplied by Borealis, using a mould from the Austrian ifw mould tec. The 4 pipe branch-off apertures are formed with the help of complex core-pull technology. The core pulls are equipped with P/Q valves. The finished part is demoulded by means of an “interim core pull stop” in the opening stroke. The parts are removed and deposited in stacks by a Wittmann W853 robot. Thanks to the 1,600 x 1,250 mm diagonal distance between tie-bars of the MacroPower 1500, the mould with its 4 core pulls can be fitted optimally into the machine.

In the application demonstrated the durability of the product is of paramount importance in practical use. A product lifecycle of well over 50 years is assumed, which the product must survive underground without deformation or cracking. Special attention must be paid to optimal melt processing to prevent possible flaws. This is why high quality standards and reliability in particular are decisive criteria in ground shaft manufacturing in addition to efficient, low-cost production.

The high performance and cost-effectiveness of the machine are also the result of such features as its space-saving design, high speed and high energy efficiency, especially in the version with ServoPower drive on display.

ServoPower drive system is a highly dynamic servo motor and an electrically adjustable axial piston pump with variable displacement. In this system, the delivery is regulated via the motor speed and/or the pivoting angle of the hydraulic pump. In this way, the optimal combination of the pump’s degree of efficiency and the motor speed is calculated for each operating point and set via the machine’s control system. This enables energy consumption to be cut by an average of 30% with an average reduction of the sound level below 70 dba as well.

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