A constant innovation in mould making

Giurgola Stampi

Giurgola Stampi (Capriano di Briosco, near Milano, Italy) has introduced a series of news aimed at improving both its production processes and its portfolio of customer-oriented services. The Company – a specialist in moulds for plastic materials with an expertise in the fields of high production moulds for caps, dispensers, threaded caps of any shape and type, with a leading position in the unscrewing moulds and flip top caps arenas – has acquired a brand new DMG Mori NHX 8000 milling machine in order to improve its die-sets and clamps output.

Lino Pastore

Furthermore, looking forward to providing its clients with a complete offer of services, the firm, on the market since the early eighties, has implemented a new mould-testing laboratory, being the commitment to quality one of the producer’s main targets. But Giurgola Stampi has also managed to increase its overall workforce, adding a new employee to its technical staff, whereas on the other hand it has been striving to extend its automated processes with a new production management system, also addressed at improving its quality of service, making it more effective and thus offering customers a faster response to problems and malfunctioning. Always paying attention to the requirements and needs of an ever-evolving market, Giurgola Stampi identifies in technical and productive flexibility one of its major factors of success. «Our mission», as Giurgola Stampi stated, «is to adopt the right solutions to achieve top-quality products, looking for the best interaction possible between our moulds and customers’ equipment, in order to provide fast production cycles, at optimized costs». The continuous evolution in mould-design, together with a most accurate production scheduling, and with the employees’ complete commitment and training, is the element that allows the company to produce high quality moulds.