Dispensing systems for rubber and plastic

The new Lawer Supersincro is a system for the automatic weighing of powder produced for the preparation of mixes, blends, compounds and master-batches. the system integrates different features such as the automatic formation of bags, the automatic weighing of powder products, and the handling of containers and bags.

Plastic EVA bags can be obtained in required sizes, starting from a roller of tubular film cut and heat-sealed at one end. On the bag is printed the identification of contents. Each bag is placed in a stainless steel container to allow filling with the dispensed product. The system is modular and can be equipped with 10 to 50 stocking silos, one for each product to be dispensed automatically. Each silo can be loaded by gravity or pneumatic force, with safety, filtering, or bar-code reading devices. For largely utilized products delivered in big-bags, is available a pneumatic transportation system to the chosen silos. Each silo is equipped with an anti-pack and dispensing device allowing a tuned delivery of products, high/low level probes and humidity sensors. All silos, positioned in two parallel lines, are suspended on a metallic support structure, below which is placed a synchronized tray-to-tray handling and advancing system for containers fit with plastic bags to receive the dispensed products. Underneath each silo corresponds a weighing system.

The plant is equipped with devices controlling the automation of handling of containers: fitting and extraction, air-tightening and heat-sealing of the bags.


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