Drinking water compounds

In various applications in industrial and household use, faucets or shower heads are protected from contaminants, which can be formed when particles are detached in the pipe and clog the aerator, by means of a special filter. This filter is manufactured by the Italian company Emme Gi Plast s.n.c. and has an O-ring made of TPE of the DW series. It is used directly on the screw joint between the water pipe and the water connection.

The company supplies the filter to fittings manufacturers throughout Europe and opted for Kraiburg Thermolast® K as the material for the O-ring. DW series compounds comply with the most important drinking water certifications, such as the DVGW W270 in natural and color, and the German KTW certification and the British WRAS for cold and hot water. These thermoplastic elastomers also meet the standards of France’s ACS certification. This ensures that the drinking water will be permanently pure and free of pathogens and taste.

The secret of the DW series for drinking water applications lies in its special formula. The growth of mold and bacteria is inhibited without the addition of irritating or even poisonous chemicals. DW series compounds are possible from 55 Shore A, and these comply with all important drinking water standards even when they are colored. Moreover, thermoplastic elastomers in plumbing installations are especially resilient and thus repel dirt and lime.