Energy saving, sustainability and smart machines

The Italian company faces the Plast’s appointment with great optimism and motivation, proposing specific solutions for plastics processors based on three guiding concepts: energy saving, sustainability, and smart machinery

by Antonio Sarti

Moretto’s goal has always been to provide innovative and customized systems, able to maximize process efficiency, guarantee final quality and energy savings for their worldwide injection molding, extrusion and PET processing customers. At Plast 2018 the Company presents, in a 4.000 mq booth (Hall 22, A81/B82), his most representative machines for injection molding and PET processing.
An exhibition dedicated to machinery and specific solutions for the extrusion of blown film is present in Hall 13 C91 on the contrex booth, a Moretto company.

New trend in drying

Thanks to the Moisture Meter Manager, the drying system Eureka is evolved in Eureka Plus version.
Moisture Meter Box is the only device in the world able to analyze the polymer In line and to “read”, with an accuracy of ±3 ppm, the real residual moisture leaving the drying hopper. A product that has already been very successful because it meets the needs of plastics transformers, offering the certainty of the result, production certification and the overcoming quality audits.

Be Tomorrow
Be Tomorrow is a new eco-sustainable project launched by Moretto, which has always been committed to creating “energy-saving” machines and sponsoring projects to protect the environment. There are several planned activites: continuous investments in sustainable production processes and finally company electric cars. Incentives for innovation involved in the search for low consuption technologies and new solutions dedicated to bio plastics and recycling.

At Moretto research never stops, and the certification of quality is combined with the maximum energy efficiency for the development of Moisture Meter Manager. The device closes the loop of Company drying system by measuring In line each granule’s residual moisture (in ppm) and applying this data to the adaptive drying system as provided by the 4.0 Smart Factory. It is constituted by the devices MM Box and MM Crown and by the Manager control. The double control of the granule’s moisture content at the hoppers input (through MM Box) and output (through MM Crown), allows the system to manage the dryers work conditions by maximizing process performances. The device is equipped with a good measurement capability thanks to the Power-Peak technology, which measures the dielectric characteristics of the granule.

Eureka Plus technologies Moisture Meter Manager: in-line polymer moisture measuring system and automatic management of the drying process based on the real need of the polymer. X Max: high performance, multi-bed dryer with constant dewpoint. Flowmatik: dynamic airflow management device. OTX: drying hoppers with superior mass flow drying characteristics.

Moisture Meter Manager creates a real “on demand drying”, focusing the process on the real drying needs of the polymer at any given time and managing the drying functions in response to the variables, internal and environmental, which interfere with the moisture level of the polymer. This Moretto device is able to guarantee production certification with maximum energy efficiency. Moisture Meter Manager is one of the four technologies that creates Eureka Plus, the drying system realized by Moretto to consistently reduce energy consumption and to improve performance in drying systems.

Smart machines

The Moretto 4.0 project is a concept of Smart Industry where machines and software are interconnected, allowing constantly-refreshed data to always be available for achieving the highest possible levels of efficiency.

At Plast Moretto presents Mowis 3, the new update of the supervision and integrated management system for the connection of the machines and the control of the entire automation chain in plastics processing plants. Mowis overcomes the barriers of traditional supervision by adapting to the needs and quality, production and management objectives of each client. A modular software with unique, auto-configurable and user friendly interface which allows immediate display of the system status. With Mowis the integrated process control is easily managed from any location, on-site or remote. Built on SCADA system Mowis makes safe and immediate the exchange of data between standard modules, taylor-made modules and the customer management system.

The Moisture Meter Manager control

Kruise Kontrol is certainly one of the most sophisticated automation machines proposed by Moretto. A fundamental tool for feeding systems, able to automatically control and manage the speed of each material profile by guiding the granule to the destination at the most suitable speed, eliminating speed peaks, thus avoiding the phenomena of angel hair creation, dust and pipe wear. The exclusive patented Moretto technology defines, in fact, what are the best transport conditions for each material and guides it in the pipes up to the transformer machine. Kruise Kontrol is completely automatic, the operator must only set the type of material and the machine to be fed. The system automatically establishes the perfect transport condition for each individual cycle and, through self-learning, manages the speed of the granule smoothing the peaks and ensuring the best performance.

Empowering Plastics
From more than 35 years Moretto is committed to providing intelligent, innovative and energy-efficient machinery that aims to sublimate and strengthen the value of plastic as an indispensable and irreplaceable “raw material” in the life of each of us. The company has always recognized itself in this concept of “proactive” work aimed to improve polymer transformation processes and to give plastic a role of strength and power, and in this year of strategic reorganization, it adopts empowering plastics as new pay off. Empowering Plastics means giving more power to plastic, helping the supply chain from the beginning, responding with competitive and high-tech solutions to the problems of plastic molding and environmental.

In 2017 Kruise Kontrol has been officially recognized from the European Patent Office (EPO) like “the only automatic and intelligent plastic material conveying system in the world.”

One Wire is the intelligent transport system developed by Moretto. “Intelligent” because it is able to automatically handle the demands of the individual receivers, to adapt to changes and manage the entire process with maximum efficiency, without resorting to manual settings. A single server could manage up to 80 receivers, 8 independent vacuum units, 4 Kruise Kontrol, 4 Dolphin manifolds, 4 manual manifolds and 10 info screens. All the equipment of the transport system can be programmed and controlled, from any point of the network, through the Touch View interface and handheld with the palmtop touch Master 600, One Wire is prepared for Mowis.

PET technology

The PET recycling is possible through “crystallization” a technique developed to re-use the re-granulated granules obtained from bottles, containers and fibers without any problems. At Plast 2018 Moretto presents MPK crystallizer, designed to guarantee maximum reliability in the PET crystallization process. The system main characteristics are robustness, efficiency, ease and speed of maintenance and inspection of parts. The device is equipped with an exclusive mixing system with adjustable blades, the process is controlled by a series of sensors that manage the processing phase through the PLC logic. The MPK main characteristic is surely the cone that can be opened in just two minutes, which allows access to the mixing chamber in absolute safety.


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