Formulation of color even faster and more precise


The mission of a company is its ultimate goal, the justification of its existence, and at the same time what sets it apart from all others. For Mepol, this translates into being able to be real partners for our clients, through a careful and accurate advice that takes the form in the realization of personalized projects. The role of corporate vision is a way to “inspire” the parties involved, like customers, suppliers, stakeholders or employees. The new challenge was born from the inspiration of the close collaboration between laboratory and production supported by a management team that strongly believes in continuous innovation. The “ad hoc” formulation of material has to fully meet all the customer’s technical requirements but also it has to cover the customer needs in terms of color needs. In particular, to meet the coloristic needs of compound, in the last six months, the technical staff of the Company in collaboration with multinational and local companies has made significant innovations. Mepol studied and introduced new system of color formulation in the laboratory (in partnership with X-Rite, the world leader in color science and technology) that allows a kidnapped formulation and development of any type of color, even tailor-made on any base resin. This was implemented with a combined automated dosing of color on the production lines. This technology consists in a multi-dispenser which allows the automatic mixing of various pigments in order to produce colored compounds quickly and efficiently according to customer needs.