GP di Piazzon: experience and technology

The mission of the Italian company is to provide solutions with the capacity to improve product quality standards, increasing production efficiency and energy saving

by Fabrizio Rossi

Since 1970 GP di Piazzon (Valdagno, Vicenza, Italy) has specialized in the design and creation of storage, mixer and transportation plants for different applications including those in the plastic and rubber, food and industrial sectors. The company has experienced a technological and commercial growth on the Italian market, and even more so abroad, thanks to its strong propensity for innovation, an aspect that allows it to stay up-to-date with new machinery management models, designed to help the user deal with enterprise processes and human resources more efficiently and effectively. For this reason, all GP machines are set up for connectivity with other machines present at the facility and company IT systems according to the Industry 4.0 model.

Large mixers (capacity up to 100,000 litres)


Outdoor storage silos

Well organised production

The strength of GP lies above all in the development of equipment and processes to client specifications, in addition to rapid, timely maintenance and a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. The company’s core business is concentrated on:

  • outdoor storage silos and large structures made of stainless steel and aluminium;
  • small indoor storage silos and vats, easy to move, made of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel;
  • stainless steel and coated carbon steel vertical screw mixers for mixing, homogenization and storage of various materials such as granules, regrinds, flakes, masterbatch and powders;
  • big bag loading and unloading structure, designed as support structure for loading and unloading big bags;
  • channel or tube type screw conveyors;
  • pneumatic conveyor systems for powders or granules.

All products can be customized through accurate engineering and analysis to make the final result systematic and functional, also with a wide selection of optionals.

Pneumatic conveyor systems

Commitment to the circular economy

In the past few years, the company has focused on engineering and manufacturing of systems for recycling plastics’s world, a need dictated by the new development model for the circular economy. These include an impressive line of large mixers for processing and storing up to 100,000 litres of material, a capacity that greatly exceeds standard levels. These mixers – installed inside or outside the production plant – can be made in coated carbon as well as entirely or partly in stainless steel.