High performances 3D printers

3ntr high performances 3D printers

3ntr brings at Plast 2018 its range of high performances 3D printers, for professional and industrial use. Tested with hundreds of deployments at leading companies of any industrial sector (one among all is Airbus, with tens of A2 installed across Europe) the 3ntr printers are the fitting solution to the requests for really performing machines, competitively priced, not requiring experimentation or special capabilities.

Following the “easily handled power” policy, 3ntr offers the SSI software package to guide the user thru the 3d print preparation, avoiding many mistakes and fully exploiting all the capabilities of a 3ntr machine. SSI it’s a solution that allow immediate printing, with assured final result, using protected parameters but leaving the advanced user to create customized profiles, derived from factory presets. Like for any advanced software, SSI is daily updated (with no need for customer intervention) when new materials or new capabilities are added, always giving the customer the capability to work with the best possible settings.

3ntr printers have been known for the advanced capabilities, still keeping a unique approach, allowing for prints with up three polymer (typically two part polymer and one support) without the need for wasteful cleaning/swap cycles. A wide range of polymer also allow multi-material prints with remarkable functional and innovative capabilities. Another peculiar aspect of 3ntr machines is the “Diamond” carbon fiber tray, requiring no tools for part removal: the patented coating releases the part when cooled back to room temperature.

The easy handling of elastomers, even the softest ones (75 shore A) shows the printing versatility of 3ntr machines to print parts without geometric constraints, even when combined with rigid polymers such as ABS/ASA/Polyamide/etc making possible to obtain gaskets, sport shoes, gripping devices, junctions, etc.

3ntr printers are a good solution to produce small series of industrial and commercial products, fit to match a wide range of applications, from aerospace to automation, defense and racing sports, also for challenging situations where part must work at high temperature, mechanical stress and with dangerous chemicals.


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