Italian machinery: export remains steady

Photo Negri Bossi

Following a first quarter in the red with a drop of 4% on the same period last year, Italian machinery and systems exports for plastic and rubber processing closed on par with the first five months of the year, holding steady at the same figures as in 2012.

This encouraging news comes from Assocomaplast, the Italian trade association which reported signs of a recovery from the second quarter: “This result, which our Association expected to a certain degree due to an improvement in the number of orders received by manufacturing companies according to the latest reports from our members operating in this sector, follows a four-month period that saw a succession of fluctuations in exports. Indeed, after January and February’s decidedly positive trend, March saw a general slow down in exports that was, however compensated for by a 1.5% increase at the end of April”. Machinery imports remain negative.

“The K fair in Düsseldorf is an important date for Italian plastic and rubber machinery manufacturers, who make up the second largest national group participating in the event after Germany itself and as a result the category will be well placed to showcase the new technologies developed by Italian firms”.