Mold platens and injection molding accessories

At Plast 2018 (Hall 24, Stand C161), Pedrotti will be exhibiting a selection of standard products from its vast catalogue, along with some new products. Visitors will get a look at the potential of the blade ejectors in the EES-2TL hardened and EES-2CL nitrided versions, ideal for application on every type of mold.

The vast array of sizes in the nitrided version also means large size equipment can be used. Pedrotti will be also showcasing the version with angle radii which, in addition to notable time savings during assembly, improves performance in the production stage, thanks to the perfect coupling between the wire-cut seat and the ejector. Available in two or four 0.2 mm radius versions, but also made to the customer’s specific design, very often these ejectors are used with WC/C or DLC coating to improve performance, reduce friction and at the same time eliminate the need to lubricate the large contact surfaces. Particular attention will be given to PST pressure plates built for optimal distribution of the mold pressure, facilitating mold adjustment stage, and permitting optimal control during production. The size range, which includes round versions, means it is suitable for applications on areas of every shape and size. The core hardening and deep carburizing processing provide the plates high internal toughness, hardening and resistance to surface wear. The standard models have grooves to retain the lubricant grease when applied on vertical walls, but special versions with size and shape on drawing are made on a regular basis.


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