New TPE compounds for consumer and automotive applications

Kraiburg TPE presents new TPE compounds that pass migration tests even when in contact with foods that contain fat

Kraiburg TPE (Hall6, Booth C58-4 and E22), once again, presents its competences in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) market.

The company’s trade fair appearance is focused, among other things, on new TPE compounds that pass migration tests even when in contact with foods that contain fat. Trade fair visitors may also look forward to new developments in the fields of emission and odor relating to interior applications and in the field of thermoplastic elastomer hybrids. In addition, new materials with adhesion to ASA and PMMA for exterior applications are also presented.
Kraiburg TPE’s highlights at K 2019 are:

  • two custom-engineered compound series with significantly improved migration control as compared to common TPEs. They are particularly suited for closure systems, valves and seals for packaging with direct contact to foods that contain fat. This innovative material technology develops recipes with minimal migration potential that can be precisely calculated.
  • TPE compounds with a secure, optimized odor and emission behavior for interior automotive applications.
  • TPE compounds with enhanced UV resistance and adhesion to plastics for exterior automotive applications including ASA, EPDM and PMMA.
  • New custom-engineered thermoplastic hybrids (TEHs) that provide superior chemical and thermal resistance and thus fill the gap between classic elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers. Depending on application profile and applications, Kraiburg TPE combines appropriate elastomers with thermoplastics to achieve the right thermoplastically processable material solutions.

The expanded product portfolio, with its improved emission and odor values as well as its migration results, meets strict requirements worldwide and thus minimizes risk and may accelerate the launch of new applications. The expansion of material solutions for the packaging market has been targeted to cover also high-end applications. By means of several innovative applications, visitors to K 2019 can see the performances of these customer-oriented materials. Current examples are a cosmetics dispenser with an integrated mixing element, multi-component roof rail bases saving mounting time and an interactive learning robot for children.