Odourless tight seal

Pests and strong odours are unfortunately connected with the separate collection of bio-waste especially in the summer. Biologic GmbH developed a technical solution to counteract these unpleasant bi-products, combining modern biotechnology with a simple technique: a biological filter material in the waste container cover breaks down unpleasant odours while the tight seal of the cover forms a barrier against pests.

As the sealing material the company chose Thermolast K from Kraiburg TPE. The filter cover closes with a tight seal thanks to the TPE elastic double seal. An especially soft material has been selected in order to compensate for any unevenness and to provide an extra tight seal between the cover and the container. Chosen in the Thermolast K range, this TPE compound is specially developed for outside use and has good sealing properties. It is also extremely weather-resistant, tear-resistant and elastic. Also, the robust material withstands temperatures between -42 and +125 degrees Celsius. The UV and ozone resistance of Thermolast K has been verified in tests like the Kalahari and Florida tests. In addition, the TPE adheres very well to polyethylene and can be processed in a two-component injection moulding process. In comparison with the insert method, thermoplastic processing is more cost-effective and has a higher degree of automation based on the two-component technology.