Pneumatic fittings and pipes for all applications, even the most critical

Val-po-ci, a dynamic trading company based in Cercino (near Sondrio), entered into an effective partnership about a decade ago with Sang-A, a Korean producer of fittings and pipes, thereby becoming its Italian importer.

The fittings are suitable for pneumatic connections used for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas systems. The Sang-A production programme is comprehensive and includes: automatic fittings, compact fittings, flow regulators, rotating fittings, stop fittings, one-way valves, taps, assembly fittings, manual valves, plastic snap-on fittings, silencers, compressed air guns, Shore 98 polyurethane Rilsan and Teflon pipes, joints.

The Korean company’s products stand out because of the configuration of the elliptical ring that helps disconnect the pipe in limited spaces using slight pressure. They can also be used for operating pressures of up to 20 bars as well as vacuum seals for temperatures of up to 60 °C. The pneumatic connections range from 3 mm to 16 mm external pipe diameters, with Teflon coated conical gas thread (R)-metric or cylindrical gas with o-ring (G) varying from M3 up to ½”. The bodies of the various items are brass, nickel coated brass and engineering polymers depending on the configuration.

Val-pop-ci’s innovations include the new range dedicated to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors. The package can satisfy the needs for all applications that require processing in an environment that is not only clean, but also sterile. The range includes not only fittings but also valves, cylinders and air treatment units, through to the new range of water fittings and clean fittings, made using anti-corrosion materials.

Val-po-ci entered a partnership with Sang-A, Korean producer of pipes and fittings, to become its Italian importer
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