R-PET processing technology

The main advantage of the Multi Rotation System (MRS) extruder from Gneuss is that it permits the processing of PET without pre-drying but by using a simple water ring vacuum system to process the PET to a high quality product. This is achieved by means of its patented processing section. Based on a conventional single screw extruder, the MRS is a drum containing eight satellite single screws, driven by a ring gear and pinion transmission. The “barrels” cut into the drum are approximately 30% open and provide optimum exposure of the melt.

Thanks to this design, the devolatilizing performance is fifty times greater than that of a conventional single screw extruder – and this at a vacuum of only 25 to 40 mbar. By avoiding the need for a high vacuum system and pre-drying, the MRS is an extremely economically efficient alternative to conventional technologies. The system also offers excellent decontamination performance. A total of 4 LNOs (letters of non objection) from the US American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the reprocessing of PET material for the food industry. The latest LNO allows producers to process up to 100% PET bottle flake into FDA approved end products (e.g. food containers).