Reliability, high performance and energy savings

At K 2013 Negri Bossi will be showcasing 8 integrated production centres featuring machines with 2-platen and toggle-clamp injection technology, all equipped with Smart Energy devices to contain consumption.

The new Bi-Power VH 1000 is the smallest in a range of machines suitable for automotive, environmental, large-scale packaging and construction industries. They are able to mould “one step” articles of wide dimensions and complex design with reduced cycle times. A 650 ton version of the Vector series with integrated robot will be set up with a mould for polycarbonate headlight reflector dishes, while a Canbio 210 will be equipped with a mould for automotive heat shield caps in PA66 +25% glass fiber. These unites feature an integrated Sytrama robot.

All the machines in the 160-500 ton range will be equipped with the new Smart Flex clamping units with optimised structural rigidity and V-rails to guide the mobile platen, this creating an Oil-Free moulding zone. The full-electric Vesta 300 will features the new actuator with ultra-rapid ball bearing screw to meet the specific needs of the packaging and medical industries. To the medical sector is targeted also the electric version of the Eleos 65, an extremely compact 2-platen machine that will mould a PP syringe component.

Turnkey solutions are also highlights in Negri Bossi’s technical capacity: an integrated PET test tube moulding centre, based on the Janus hybrid series and equipped with a 32-cavity Gefit mould and Piovan pellet treatment system is just one example.

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