Romi aim at the international market

Indústrias Romi SA has decided to consolidate its position in the international market of injection moulding machines and stamping Romi brand in the machines was a decision that confirms the intentions of the company, as well as gives confidence and strength to Sandretto brand” says the International Sales Manager, Monica Romi Zanatta. She added that “Romi has over 80 years of history and more than 150.000 installed machines worldwide, a milestone conquered with quality and technology that only a selected few can claim”.

Luiz Cassiano Rando Rosolen, the CFO & Supply Chain Director complemented that “having an international presence since 1944, Romi has an expertise supplying machines worldwide and managing sales and service through its subsidiaries located in the United States,  Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Mexico. Since 2008, Romi strengthened its global presence around the world in the plastic machinery industry and reinforced its determination to be globally well structured”.

For the K 2013, Romi will introduce its new machines, developed using state of the art technology and first class manufacturing processes. The new machines to be demonstrated are the Romi EN 450 and the Romi EL 75, and also the recent launched Romi EL 300. William dos Reis, the Director of Plastic Business Unit said “Those machines combine high technology, energy efficiency and productivity. Romi is focused on the market needs and customers want performance at a competitive cost. This is the combination that Romi delivers to its customer”.

Romi product range includes the EN Series (70-450 metric tons of clamping force) for general purpose applications, the fully-electric EL Series (75-300 tons of clamping force) dedicated to technical and engineering applications, and the Primax Series that comprises hydraulic and hybrid machines (220-1,500 metric tons of clamping force). For technical and engineering applications the company is showing the two new additions to the all-electric EL Series, with 75 and a 300 tonne of clamping force.