Solutions for thermoplastics and rubber

The 300-ton Gum press with hydroblock horizontal clamping unit and reciprocating-screw horizontal injection unit

At Plast 2018, IMG will be exhibiting its full range of products: injection molding machines for engineering polymers and rubber and an new electric clamping unit for rubber molding

IMG, a manufacturer of rubber molding machines based in Brescia – and the Italian distributor of the thermoplastic injection molding machines produced by the Haitian Group from China – will attend this year’s Plast exhibition with two stands: one in the Hall 24 showcasing the machines by Haitian and Zhafir, the other inside the Rubber section of the fair (Hall 11) displaying its rubber molding technology under the Gum brand, among which a new electric clamping unit.

Technical moldings

As for thermoplastics molding, IMG’s stand will be hosting the live demonstrations of four injection molding machines equipped with auxiliary equipment and advanced software for production data collection and processing according to the Industry 4.0 principles. The first machine is a Haitian Jupiter II two-platen press with a clamping force of 550 tons, equipped with a hydraulic servo-assisted drive, specially prepared for the production of a polypropylene pet carrier (shot weight 1,100 grams). The process automation is provided by a 3-axis Cartesian robot mod. Success 22 “Haitian by Sepro” which is being presented in Italy for the first time thanks to the collaboration between the Chinese group and the French automation system manufacturer.

A Haitian Jupiter II two-platen machine at Plast produces a polypropylene pet carrier

The second machine, also demonstrated live, is a Mars II with hydraulic servo-assisted drive and a 90-ton toggle joint clamping system. This press is Haitian’s best seller with over 150 thousand units installed throughout the world. At the fair, the machine will produce a technical molding made of fiberglass-reinforced PA 6, handled by a Hilectro robot supplied by Haitan.

The other injection presses on display are electric presses of the Zeres range: one, a 450 ton machine equipped with a robot by Tecnomatic, will mold a motorbike component made of polypropylene, while the other, equipped with a Haitian robot by Sepro, will produce a gadget to be distributed to visitors.

Electric horizontal toggle-joint clamping unit

Besides the live demos, IMG’s line-up at the Rubber section of the fair will include an innovation: the first electric horizontal toggle-joint clamping unit ever produced by the Brescia-based manufacturer. This solution is able to provide repeatable, accurate and quick movements, ensuring a significant increase in performance. Starting form next autumn, this clamping unit will be installed on the Gum machines, as result allowing hybrid or fully electric solutions in the range of clamping forces from 100 to 500 tons.

The first machine on display is a 300-ton GUM press with hydroblock horizontal clamping unit and reciprocating-screw horizontal injection unit, for the production of O-rings in a totally automatic cycle, thanks to the use of a double brush for the removal and release of the moldings into the machine’s pit. The second press is a NEK model, featuring a gap frame without tiebars, with a vertical two-piston clamping unit and vertical reciprocating-screw injection unit. With a clamping force of 500 tons and injection capacity of 200 cubic cm, it will be producing, in a two-cavity mold, a “spinner” made of EPDM to be distributed to visitors during the exhibition.
All electric and hydraulic presses will be connected to a data and process management system that has been developed in line with Industry 4.0 principles to meet the Italian Government’s requirements for the hyper-amortization incentive programme.