Speed and precision

The Japanese robot producer celebrates the thirtieth year in business with K show participation

by Luigi Servida

At K 2019, Star Automation Europe (Hall 11, Booth G74) presents three cartesian robots with a particular focus on the new ZPX-1000 model, the latest addition to Star’s lineup and shown here to the public for the first time. This model will take the role of fastest machine among the whole robots’ range, even faster than ZXW-VI series, which was introduced during last year’s Plast exhibition in Milan. ZPX-1000 has been designed for those customers who do not want average results, but always aim to the highest performance levels; its vertical axis is entirely carbon-made, which allows to get previously unreached results of speed and cycle time. This machine works on an EC180SXII-8Y Toshiba IMM, thus confirming once more the great results achieved through the cooperation between the two Japanese makers. However, ZPX this isn’t the only novelty of the cell: in fact, the new STEC-620A controller is shown in an international exhibition for the first time. This controller is siding the existing STEC-520 as a flagship of the range: thanks to its completely reviewed operative system, STEC-620A guarantees flawless integration on the command panel of the IMM, thus making the operator’s work much easier. An I-70IVSII model pallet changer is also shown as a further confirmation that Star Automation Europe can play the role of exclusive partner for the total automatisation of extraction and palletizing operations on the IMM side, always complying to the safety standards the European market requires.

At K 2019, Star Automation Europe is focused on the new ZPX-1000 model

Accessories and components

On display also two robots on supports. The first is the best-seller XW-1000VI. The robot is provided by the “servo-head” accessory, composed by two servo-motors which allow to obtain the most complete grade of freedom inside and outside the mould. The other robot is a ZXW-1600VI, the “big brother” of ZXW-VI series, introduced at the end of 2018 and able to combine large dimensions with high speed. Both robots are controlled by the fully programmable STEC-520 and handle EOATs entirely made with Eins components. Eins is also present on the booth, showing the complete range of Star’s EOAT components; in fact, Eins components can be used to build EOATs for any robot of any maker, be it cartesian or six-axes. Moreover, Eins is currently experiencing a boost of success thanks to the new website for e-commerce (www.ens1.eu).

From medical to packaging
Star cartesian robots are present on three more booths. On Toshiba Machine’s area (Hall 15, Booth B04), an XW-1000VI works on an EC100SXIII model IMM, extracting four nylon medical scissors. Star also supplies the four-points sprue cutting station, installed under the robot’s traverse axis and composed by Eins GT-NB air nippers. The cartesian robots hand the moulded pieces to a Toshiba six-axes robot for their assembly and palletisation. On this booth as well, the new STEC-620A controller is integrated on the IMM panel. On Indústrias Romi’s stand (Hall 15, Booth D40), a super-fast ZXW-1000VI on an ES300 IMM performs the extraction and palletisation of four food containers onto a conveyor belt. The Brazilian maker too chose Star as a partner for an application that requires the highest speed without forgetting precision and reliability. On R.P. Injection’s stand (Hall 13, Booth C77), a GXW-1200MVI robot with a special automation is installed on a Toyo Si-280-6S model IMM.