Vanetti, a colorfull life

The environment, along with the application of the latest industry technical rules and regulations for production, is always a central concern for the Italian producer of masterbatches, biomasterbatches and additives

by Giulia Veronesi

Since 1971 Vanetti SpA (Marnate, Varese, Italy) produces masterbatches, Biomasterbatches®, and additives for all thermoplastic resins in all fields of applications. Passion for colour, research and development, and customer service are the company’s strengths. The great performance of the masterbatches is ensured by technologically advanced equipment and attention to the quality of raw materials. The intrinsic quality also being guaranteed by the certifications obtained the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management system), ISO 45001:2015 (management system for worker health and safety), as well as the OK Compost certificate by TUV for biodegradability and compostability.
The quality of the operations also being thanks to the specialized technical staff, that use modern laboratory equipment to find the best raw materials to be used for production. Each masterbatch comes complete with analysis certificate, technical fact sheet, safety data sheet and certification of suitability for the specific application concerned as well as reference spectrophotometric readings.

One of the technical features of Vanetti’s masterbatches is the way to combine a high concentration of pigments with the selection of highly dispersible raw materials

Focus on ecocompatible products

The focus of the Italian company has always been on the use of environment-friendly products, and it has therefore designed and developed its range of Biomasterbatches®, that have been conceived as the result of laboratory analysis on the molecular structure of the biodegradable materials and of their specific chemical properties. The range has been developed with a view to respecting the environment, without in any way compromising on the natural beauty of the colours, the finished product is in compliance with UNI EN 13432 standards, and is used in a variety of production fields from that of shopper production to packaging, right up to more technical products. As well as the above products, the company also provides a fully comprehensive plastic processing service. The additives are elements that once added to the plastic material during production of a finished product, integrate the basic molecular features giving rise to a new product with specific technical features according to the needs of the individual processor. The development of these products, together with the aforementioned masterbatches, Biomasterbatches, are the true innovative flagship products of the company that fully meet the challenges posed by today’s markets.